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Spain From Spain

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Meet Spain from Spain – Receptive agency in Spain

“Our company is quality certified”


Companies need to incentivate their teams, reward their clients, attend to international events to present their products or to meet the newest market innovations, hold conventions and meetings to plan strategies and communicate their campaigns.

Increasingly, Spain still remains to be one of those possible destinations for celebrating these acts, providing attractive values​​, climate, food, hotel quality, increasingly competitive prices, etc.

When a company, from its point of origin, is thinking about holding an event in Spain, usually contact local operators in the country to seek suggestions, budgets, etc. Such operators must contact as the same time with another destination agency to get the information needed.

To conclude

Our purpose is to ease the achievement of two important goals:

1.- Costs savings. From Client to final supplier!

2.- Successful management. Total warranty service.


If you are interested in meeting us, if you need to hold a personal meeting to analise your needs, or if you prefer that our managers present our product to you, we will be happy to visit you, wherever you are. We have complete availability.

Our team of professionals is available for anything you need. Your project will be assigned at the beginning to a manager, who will be responsible from the beginning to the end of it, that is how we can ensure the best coordination.

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Why us?

Spain from Spain

Meet our project “Spain from Spain”, eliminating unnecessary costs and enjoy the best destinations.


Why Spain?

Spain as a destination

A country with an enviable climate, gastronomy and world-renowned wines, beaches, mountains, cosmopolitan cities and charming villages.


Areas of interest

Discover the different places you have Spain, visit its islands, enjoying the beaches, their charming villages and modern cities.