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Spain From Spain

Relocation Services

Spain from Spain Worldwide Relocation Services

First, personally, as CEO for the US and Europe Relocation Services in Spain From Spain I want to give the most sincere welcome to Spain from Spain and introduce you to this exclusive leading company in the market to offer Spain as a professional and tourist destination.
This leadership has been and is the result of the satisfaction of our customers that over time have relied on Spain from Spain.
Spain from Spain offers a wide and specialized range of services for your project with the maximum exigency and rigorous requirements.
Our professionalism, experience and work philosophy supports us with surprising results. Let us be those who worry about yourself.
Do not doubt, not even for a momentand trust us your project knowing that our main goal is to meet your needs.

We are entirely at your service.
Kind regards,

Jose Antonio Vallejo
Chief Executive Officer for EEUU & Relocation Services
Telf.: +34 91 444 97 75/76
Telf 24h/7d: +34 619 228 822/+34 638 290 454

SPAIN from SPAIN offers an exclusive service to our clients with “Spain from Spain Relocation Worldwide Services”.

With a wide experience gained since 1998, we have always offered our customers the peace of mind and confidence when hiring foreign personnel as well as the dispatch from the parent company managers and employees anywhere in the world.

Aware of the needs of companies when receiving or sending its expatriate staff, from Spain Spain Worldwide Relocation Services provides comprehensive assistance to the company and the returnee for the transfer, accommodation and regularization of residence in their new destination. All the work is entirely personalized and carried on with efficiency.

We have a team of people specialized in the management and processing of:

  • Travels
  • real estate services
  • medical services
  • educational guidance
  • legal services
  • processing and document management…

Thus we cover all the requirements for the incorporation of new staff is performed effectively and safely.

  • We offer telephone support 24 hours a day for 7 days a week to guarantee immediate assistance and smooth communication.

  • Once again we conformed ourselves to the specific needs of each client with effective solutions for each case. Do not hesitate to contact us and check the effectiveness of our services.


Holistic document management

Obtaining visas and renewals
Management and processing of licenses and work permits, both for community countries and non-EU countries
Processing of residence permits and registration
Register in the Social Security System
Exchanges and approvals of driving licenses and vehicles
Documentary certified translations
Procedures for individual students and trainees

Arrival and house searching

Prior advice on arrival
Pick up on arrival, welcome pack and transfer to temporary accommodation
Emergency phone 24 x 7
City tour and / or residential areas for the location of future housing always adapted to family, their customs and needs
Advice and selection of properties to suit the needs previously established
Support in selected households visits
Review, negotiation and signing of lease
Summary of contractual rights and obligations
Content inventory
Incoming inspection
Register of supplies (electricity, water, gas, telephone and internet)
Emergency phone 24×7
International moving

Selection of Educational Centers

Advice on the different types of existing schools according to their curricula, language and availability of places
Colleges selection based on previously established criteria
Preparation and support in the admissions process in the Schools
Assistance in completing the forms to present at Admissions
Control and Management of the admission process

Other services

Management of temporary accommodation
Support and advice for the purchase or rental of furniture for the house
Support and advice for the purchase or rental of vehicles
Support and advice for the choice of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.
Support and advice for the choice of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.
Search domestic service
Procurement of insurance policies
Search and planning of programs and courses for family entertainment expatriate
Obtaining and managing localities to attend sport events and shows
Any other service on request